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Work begins on sustainable new building

By December 16, 2019July 10th, 2020News
Render of New Office

As companies grow, maintaining values and standards can become more difficult. At Caspak, we take our commitment to sustainability seriously and, as we now look towards the future, and a new home in Australia, we have our eye firmly on our sustainable values and the chance to extend them.

After 13 years in the Woodlands Estate, Braeside we are preparing to relocate to a new location in a “Greenfield” subdivision off Canterbury Road, Mordialloc. Having acquired two parcels of land we have completed the contract and the construction work has just begun, with the aim to have the steel framework complete prior to the Christmas break.

This land will house two new Caspak facilities; our new Sustainable Food Packaging logistics centre and our Casguard production unit. Both these buildings will be built to the highest sustainability standards and, once complete, each building will be powered by a 99kw roof-housed solar power station. This will effectively make the company self-sufficient from an energy point of view.

In addition, both buildings will feature motion sensing lights, maximum skylighting in the warehouses to reduce LED usage, R4 insulation ratings throughout, double glazed E glass joinery, recycled aggregate for concrete slabs and driveways and rainwater storage tanks for amenities and irrigation.
But this move isn’t just about sustainability. The logistics centre will house 2,000 pallet bays, effectively doubling our current capacity and our ability to service our customers more efficiently.