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Clean Energy Council Highlights Caspak’s Gold Standard Solar Energy Commitment

By March 16, 2023Blog

Caspak has been chosen by the Clean Energy Council as a leader in the solar energy space, as part of the CEC’s Solar month focus in March.

The recognition is based on Caspak’s 200kw solar panel system that is made up of 335 solar panels that produce enough energy to power the Caspak warehouse, office, forklifts and EVs plus supply 21 homes a year with surplus clean energy.

Caspak also has a 28,000 litre rainwater tank on-site that supplies water to the office kitchen and bathrooms.

Caspak founder Bryce Hickmott welcomes enquiries from like-minded businesses who are looking to convert to solar, stating that there’s never been a better time to take the step, ‘don’t wait, do it now and start paying it forward for future generations.’

For further information, visit the Clean Energy Council website