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Australian Made

The only Australian bone guard manufacturer

Protect your bone-in meat products using our Australian-manufactured waxed or clear Casguard – bone guard – that keeps the meat fresh for longer, by minimising bone puncture . Since 2014 Caspak has been the only Australian manufacturer of a waxed bone guard protective packaging – Casguard – allowing us to customise the product to your needs without being restricted by overseas standards and long lead times.


  • Clear Casguard is suitable for REDcycle program
  • Added food protection
  • Reduce leaker rates
  • Lower operation costs
  • Strong puncture resistance
  • Customise size, perforation
  • Waxed Casguard available in White and Brown colours
  • Sheet or roll form for Waxed Casguard
  • Roll form for Clear Casguard
  • HACCP-QMS ISO 9001 Accreditation

REDcycle program

Clear Casguard is suitable for the REDcycle recycling program.
Please use the Redcycle Logo and/or Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) to promote correct disposal.

Locally made

Both Casguard Clear and Casguard Wax are manufactured in our production facility in Melbourne, allowing for quick turnaround on orders.


We offer puncture solutions that can be tailored to your specific bone-in needs – supply in sheets or perforated rolls with customised width and length.


Casguard is a protective sheet that covers the sharp bone edges which prevents puncture of the primary packaging.

Increases food security

Preventing the bones in meat from puncturing plastic packaging means there is less concern over food safety and enables more of your products to safely make it to consumers.

Production Process

We developed Casguard to be a simple product that seamlessly falls into your production process. Casguard is applied by hand and then placed in the packaging before going through a vacuum packer to keep the meat’s quality. It’s just that simple.

Cost saving

Casguard can reduce your operation rework costs due to leakers.

Premium quality

Our experienced production team and product experts combine their knowledge with our state-of-the-art lab to ensure all our products meet the highest quality, both in presentation and performance.

Fully recyclable through REDcycle program

Clear Casguard is a polyolefin-based material which can be disposed of through the REDcycle program.

Did you know
The shorter supply chain of Australian made Casguard means there is less transport leading to a reduction in the carbon footprint of your product.

Boneguard - Meat

Protect your bone-in meat from spoiling

Decreasing packaging punctures ensures the barrier of the packaging is kept intact during packing, storage and transit. Punctures in the packaging before the product reaches the store or consumer homes are a potential cause of food spoilage, creating a food safety issue.

If product visibility is important you can choose the clear guard option rather than wax guard. Both options can be easily integrated into any production facility, available in sheet or roll form.

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