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Introducing L2025 Series Recyclable Barrier Shrink Lidding Film

By August 25, 2021December 8th, 2021News

With increased focus in the industry and wider community on a more sustainable approach to packaging, we are continually adding more sustainable options to our ranges, including REDCycle compatible lidding film.

As part of our roadmap towards the 2025 National Packaging Targets, through our partnership with REDCycle, we are offering recyclable options as a first choice to all our customers to enable the incremental changes needed to reach those targets.

The REDCycle-compatible lidding film also meets all your performance requirements to ensure your products travel from production to consumer with product security and food-safety intact.
The film delivers all the properties expected of a quality top film, including:

  • tight packaging look due to shrink qualities of the top film
  • clear view of products through antifog properties
  • superior merchandising through the glossy and high clarity view
  • increase shelf-life from the great oxygen and moisture barrier

With three options available, including easy-peel for a tool-free opening, the Caspak L2025 recyclable lidding film is suitable for mainstream Thermoforming (TFFS) equipment and offers reliability with a fast packing speed.

The film includes the option for sealing to polypropylene, making it an ideal choice for a fully circular option when combined with PP premade trays that are kerbside recyclable. Or, for a plastic-reduced solution, combine with our bamboo trays.

With the inclusion of the Australasian Recycling Labels (ARLs) on the packaging, informing and educating consumers on exactly how to responsibly manage the disposal of the packaging, the L2025 recyclable lidding film is the perfect opportunity to make the switch to a more sustainable choice for you packaging solutions.

Contact the Sales team or Customer support team to find out how to incorporate this latest option into your packaging today.