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Sustainable Inside
and Out

For over 30 years we have been using innovation in our products to increase shelf-life and reduce food waste

Our Mission

To use innovation and collaboration with our customers to develop sustainable packaging solutions that extend shelf-life and reduce food waste. And, to work with industry partners to reduce the environmental impact of packaging by creating educational programs and circular production and waste systems.

Our Expertise

Our skilled in-house team focuses on research and development to create new solutions using the latest technology and materials to extend shelf-life of food products and minimise waste, in the most sustainable way possible.

After running the business for 30 years I’m witnessing a really exciting time for the packaging industry, one where we have the opportunity to have great impact through innovation.

Bryce Hickmott

Collaborating with our customers to create innovative packaging solutions

Our experienced team works closely with you to develop the complete solution, delivered to you at a competitive price. Our ability to be nimble and agile to meet your needs whilst leveraging our partners and volume of product delivery means you receive the best product to suit your budget.

Towards Carbon Neutral

Keeping sustainability and our team at the core of how Caspak operates

Caspak / Office
Solar Power

A 99Kw Solar System powers the energy demands of the building.

Electric Charging

2 electric car charging points are available, including one for the public to use for free.

Recycled Materials

Wherever possible, we have used recycled materials across the fit-out (inside and out)

Electric Fleet

We are moving towards an all electric fleet of vehicles that will be powered by the sun.

Implementing initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint at every opportunity

A core value for Caspak is sustainability, not just from an energy and product point of view but also in terms of minimising food waste and reducing carbon emissions.

To help us remain committed to these values and goals, we commissioned an energy audit that has brought our operations in line with the best energy conservation practice. This has benefited us both from an environmental and business standpoint, as well as informed multiple initiatives we have put in place within the company.

Solar Power

Cementing our commitment to renewable energy and to be self-sufficient in our power consumption, we installed a 22kw solar power system in 2012. Our new building takes this to the next level with a 335 panel, 134kw plant on the roof that drives our company, our vehicles, forklifts and our neighbours’ vehicles.

Electric Fleet

With a commitment to removing our reliance on fossil fuels, we have recently added to our fleet of electric cars with the arrival of our new Tesla. And our three new forklifts in the warehouse are all powered directly from our roof-top solar power station. Leveraging our solar energy supply, we have installed multiple charging stations at our new premises to power our own fleet and provide a public charging station for our neighbours.

Local Manufacturing

For almost ten years we have operated a local manufacturing facility that allows quick turn around on products and new order processing within 24 hours. In 2020 our new state of the art production facility will allow us to extend our local manufacturing capabilities and welcome customers to see how we work.

Recycled Fitout

To mark our ongoing commitment to sustainability, innovation and leading the way in our industry our new premises have been designed with the environment firmly in mind. With a focus on good design, our fit-out uses recycled materials where possible as well as the inclusion of power-saving automatic lighting and other energy-saving initiatives.

Our team is constantly helping us to improve our sustainable credentials

Customers, staff and supply partners are all integral to the success of the company and play an important role in helping us to deliver a positive social and environmental impact through our work.

With multiple sustainable initiatives to help reduce food waste, lower our carbon footprint and encourage the health and well-being of the Caspak team, we all work together to be a leader and innovator in the packaging sector.

Ride To Work

We like to encourage our team to either get on the bus or get on a bike for their commute to work through our ride to work scheme which is also helping us to reach net zero We have custom-built bike racks, lockers and showers for those who opt to jump on a bike to get to work or want to exercise throughout the day.

Team Bonding

Our team is key to our success as a business so we encourage and support team bonding through group trips away to have fun outside of the day-to-day. These trips are a great way for our team to connect at a personal level and have some fun while we celebrate all the things that we have accomplished as a business.

Public Transport

For those on the team who prefer four wheels to two, we offer company-paid fares for staff who choose to take public transport. We are also researching the best option for company air travel as part of our net zero plan.

Waste Reduction

Since providing a food scrap bin in our office we have diverted approximately 60kg of food scraps from landfill. The team works collectively to compost the food scraps from the office at home and through the local council systems.

Our R&D strategy ensures we continue to innovate

We are constantly innovating, investigating and developing new techniques, new materials and new products whilst maintaining our commitment to quality, focus on shelf-life extension and reducing food waste. We do this by collaborating with our customers and keeping our core belief in the need for more sustainable solutions in mind.

Our new laboratory means that we can work with you at every stage of the process to ensure the solution we deliver is on brand, works with your capabilities and has been verified to maintain the quality of your product for the approved length of time.

The 2025 National Packaging Targets

The 2025 National Packaging Targets have mandated 100% of packaging in Australia be reusable, recyclable or compostable. The targets require all flexible packaging to contain 20% post-consumer recycled material. These targets were agreed upon by industry and government and are a step towards Australia becoming a circular economy.

In 2019 we joined both the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) and Aspire. In 2020 we joined the soft plastic recycling program REDcycle. These organisations are all working to help build a more sustainable packaging future in Australia which we are happy to be part of.

Our production cycle delivers a faultless product on time and on budget

Starting with your specific needs, our experienced team works closely with you to develop the complete solution, delivered to you at a competitive price. Beyond this we are able to innovate and develop new sustainable solutions that fit seamlessly into your current processes without reducing quality or shelf-life.

Over the past 30 years we have developed a deep understanding of the best solutions for a wide range of applications and will continue to innovate and improve our processes to develop new products into the future.