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Developments in R & D!

By June 10, 2021News

This month we have some exciting developments in the Caspak R & D team.

With sustainability and shelf-life as our core focus points, we’ve been adding expertise to our team that is designed to move our product range forward in a way that meets both industry and customer needs.

Late in May we welcomed Clemence Lim as our new Product Development Manager.

Clemence, who is fluent in three major languages, is an experienced packaging professional with extensive experience in sustainability, supply chain and collaborating with customers to achieve packaging needs.

Clemence’s first goal will be to work on our 2025 National Packaging Targets plan to ensure that we meet our commitments well ahead of schedule. This, in turn, will allow our customers to meet the 2025 deadline and be packaging compliant.

His experience with flexible packaging will enable us to remain a leader in this core product area as we move to more sustainable and innovative solutions.

Our second addition to the R & D team this month is Dr Behannis Mana.

Behannis is a research scientist, most recently with the University of Melbourne, focussing on the research and development of healthy fresh meat products. Behannis will bring her expertise in this area to work with our customers on food science and its relationship to their packaging needs.

In addition, Behannis will be working to bring our updated lab up to National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) certification. This will allow us to work directly with customers on scientific testing and product development, reducing time to market.

These additions to the R&D team are directly in line with our focus on sustainable product development that is geared, not just to creating better options for our planet, but also to helping our customers meet the 2025 National Packaging Targets and the growing demand from key retailers to choose recycled, recyclable or compostable options for their packaging.