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Welcoming a new CEO

By May 23, 2020June 1st, 2020News
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After 30 years of building and developing the Caspak of today, Managing Director Bryce Hickmott is shifting his focus to a role in innovation and development and has handed the day-to-day management of the company to newly appointed CEO, Greg Roberts.

Greg has a background predominantly in growing and managing teams in the textile industry and brings his extensive experience in supply chain, sourcing and manufacturing in Asia to his role at Caspak.

But his appointment is more than simply handing over the reins. Having a fresh pair of eyes with a new perspective will also provide support and direction for our soon-to-be-released product and operational initiatives.

Greg is looking forward to working with the Caspak team, learning more about our impact in the industry and how we can collaborate and take the company to the next level by building on the solid base that Bryce has created over the last 30 years.

As a company that’s passionate about changing the way our company and society in general impacts our planet, the appointment of a new CEO was a strategic decision to allow Bryce to explore the company’s future impact on the industry, with sustainability front and centre of our thinking.

Greg has joined the skeleton team at our current office whilst the COVID-19 restrictions are still in place and has connected with other team members via video conference. He will move to our new premises when construction is complete and will begin to meet the team there as restrictions begin to ease and staff return to the office to work.