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Facility upgrade a sustainable masterpiece!

By October 15, 2019December 5th, 2019News
Solar Panel Installation

We are almost ready to start the process for building our new Australian facility to meet our growing needs.

The space is due to open in June 2020, so to see the foundations being laid will be an exciting step closer to this state-of-the-art project.
Sustainability and managing our impact on the world are core values for the team at Caspak so our brief was to design with sustainability in mind and ensure that we are reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible.

The building itself has been designed intelligently to provide both comfort to our team and reduce our energy costs. And, when we turn our attention to the fit-out, we are aiming to source 100% recycled materials where possible, carefully assessing all the alternatives for the lowest impact possible.

The building will also include roof-top solar panels that will allow us to continue to meet our goal of putting more energy back into the grid than we use, and, as with our current facility.