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Caspak takes delivery of its first 100% electric vehicle

By December 19, 2019News
Tesla Model 3

Consistent with Caspak’s desire to drive sustainability not only in its product offering but internally, Tracy Carratello has accepted delivery of the company’s first 100% electric vehicle, a Tesla Model 3, on behalf of the business.

This Tesla Model 3 has been upgraded to a dual battery version which extends its range to 550 – 600 km on a full charge, depending on the type of driving being done.

Progressively as company vehicles come up for renewal, the business will assess the best electric options on a case by case basis, with a view to our fleet being fully electric by 2022. With the advancements in technology in this space, we are excited to be looking to expand our suite of electric vehicles for our employees.

And, in line with our in-house sustainability initiatives, not only will this car never have to visit a petrol station, thanks to the Caspak on-roof solar power station, this vehicle will be powered by the sun and not fossil fuel generated electricity.