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A core value for Caspak is sustainability, not just from an energy, carbon footprint and product point of view, but also in terms of minimising food waste and the impact that our packaging can have on the reduction of transport costs and carbon emissions.

As an extension to that core ethos, we have implemented some significant initiatives that allow us to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise our wider environmental impact, at the same time as ensuring the health and welfare of our most important assets – our team.

Ongoing focus

Regular Auditing

As technology changes, it's important to stay ahead of the game to ensure 'energy best practise' company wide.



Target: Carbon Neutral

Sustainability - Solar

In order to create a roadmap for the most effective, efficient and sustainable energy use, we commissioned an energy audit that has brought our operations in line with best energy conservation practice. This not only helps the environment but has proved to be beneficial from a business case point of view, resulting in a more energy efficient operation.

Sustainability - Cycling
Staff transport

To help reduce our overall carbon footprint, we have introduced a “Ride to Work” scheme that encourages our staff to either get on the bus or get on a bike. Those who cycle to work take advantage of new custom-installed bike racks, lockers and showers. And those who prefer the public transport option benefit from company-paid fares.

We have also taken the first step towards our company fleet of electric cars, purchasing our first 100% electric car for our admin-department. In addition, we are currently researching the best option for company air travel to reduce our overall carbon footprint.

Sustainability - Water Conservation

As a precious resource world-wide, but especially in Australia, we are careful to minimise our impact both in use and output. Our most significant change in this area was to install a 26,000L tank to collect rainwater for all our non-potable water needs, resulting in saving in excess of 55,000L of water annually.

Sustainability - Electric Car
Electric car

Shortly after the installation of our Solar Panel “Power Station”, Caspak purchased its first 100% Electric car (Nissan Leaf) for its admin department with a range of approximately 120kms on a full charge.

Sustainability - Tree Planting
New premises

Construction is currently under-way on our new premises. In order to keep pace with our growing needs. This new facility has been designed with the environment firmly in mind. The inclusion of solar power will maintain our commitment to putting back into the grid. Our fit-out will use recycled materials where possible, and we are maintaining our focus on water servings.

Due to open in June 2020, this new facility marks our ongoing commitment to sustainability and innovation and leading the way in our industry.

Sustainability - Audit
Energy Audit

Caspak commissioned an energy audit of it’s operations to provide a road map for measures required to bring its operation in line with best energy conservation practise. Caspak is now reaping the benefits.