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Sustainability & innovation

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Caspak has modelled its business around innovation and efficiency so the introduction of energy self sufficiency, water harvesting, power usage minimisation, an air travel carbon offset program and a “cycle to work initiative” are all logical extensions of that model.

Ongoing focus

Regular Auditing

As technology changes, it's important to stay ahead of the game to ensure 'energy best practise' company wide.



Target: Carbon Neutral

Sustainability - Solar

In February 2012 the company acted on a stated aim to be self sufficient in terms of it’s power requirements by installing a 22kw solar power system. Our aim is to put more power back into the grid than we draw.

Sustainability - Cycling
Staff transport

To encourage staff members to cycle and or take public transport, Caspak pays the public transport cost for those who wish to take up this offer and showers, a bike rack and a locker room have been installed.

Sustainability - Water Conservation

Water as a resource is an on-going problem worldwide. To do our part, a 26,000 litre tank was installed to collect rain water in order to run our non potable water requirements saving in excess of 55,000 litres annually.

Sustainability - Electric Car
Electric car

Shortly after the installation of our Solar Panel “Power Station”, Caspak purchased its first 100% Electric car (Nissan Leaf) for its admin department with a range of approximately 120kms on a full charge.

Sustainability - Tree Planting
Air travel

Research is under way to determine the best method of offsetting our carbon emissions as a result of company air travel.

Sustainability - Audit
Energy Audit

Caspak commissioned an energy audit of it’s operations to provide a road map for measures required to bring its operation in line with best energy conservation practise. Caspak is now reaping the benefits.