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Pet food products need a range of different packaging to cover dry food, treats and chilled, raw meats. Our range of applications offers manufacturers choice and quality to stand out on the shelf.


Packaging for bone-in meat products that enables an extended shelf-life by protecting from punctures and maintains a high-quality product has long been a challenge.

We offer three bone puncture solutions – clear puncture resistant film, waxed cloth and high abuse puncture resistant bags. Each of these applications are tailored to different bone-in needs.

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Thermoforming Films

Thermoforming films offer another cost-effective way to package products on the line, horizontally forming the pack, filling it and then sealing it. This option can be revolutionary for a growing business that needs to deliver products to a wider market and still maintain shelf-life.

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Vacuum Pouches

When your product needs an extended shelf life, vacuum pouches offer the least capital expensive means of packaging.

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Lidding Films

This packaging option has a wide range of applications but is a great way to showcase your products at the same time as keeping them in good shape. The formed container is generally transparent or semi-transparent and the freshness is maintained with a durable, flexible sealed lid.

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One of the most versatile packaging options, this economical process is ideal for bulk packaging and allows the pack to be made, filled and sealed on the machine.

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Retort Films

Creating a shelf stable product for fresh produce is made easy using retorting in flexible packaging. The food is first vacuum sealed then heated to in excess of 120 Deg C in a retort chamber. This packaging is especially suitable for cooked and pre-prepared foods.

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Stand-up Pouches

Stand up pouches are a light-weight and durable replacement for cans and glass jars, providing a revolutionary packaging solution for many applications. This flexible packaging offers many advantages, allowing product visibility, better health and safety in handling, reducing transport and storage costs as well as improving production line costs.

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Box Pouch

Similar to the stand-up pouch, the box pouch adds another dimension to your shelf-life packaging. The base of this pouch has a much larger surface area which provides a more vertically stable product on the shelf.

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