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Box Pouch

Sustainable Options

The Box Pouch is a stand up pouch option that offers a vertically stable on-shelf product providing a premium look both though design and space-efficient display.

The perfect option for freezer, dry foods, cereals and other food products, the box pouch offers design flexibility and a premium finish. Add in a recyclable mono material option and premium, sustainable and organic brands have the perfect solution for their discerning customers.


  • REDcycle recyclable
  • Monolayer option
  • High barrier
  • Matt or gloss coating
  • Premium appearance
  • 8, 10 or 12 colour printing
  • Spout option
  • One way air valve

REDcycle recycling

This product is suitable for the REDcycle recycling scheme. Please use the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) to promote correct disposal.

Shelf life

Caspak packaging solutions are custom designed to extend the shelf life of products in order to minimise food waste within the supply chain.


All of our products are customised to integrate with existing fulfilment equipment in order to minimise costs and maximise production.

Temperature tolerance

High temperature tolerance for cook-in and microwave reheating offers extended shelf-life stable products with consumer convenience.

Light weight

Pouches offer the ultimate in space-saving, pre and post fill, which reduces transport costs and environmental impact. At the same time, they are high performers in maintaining shelf life.

Ease of use

With easy open and reseal options, such as tear nicks, zip closure and spouts, we help you deliver a great customer experience.


Working closely with our team, customise your packaging with matt, gloss, up to 12 colour options, fit for purpose structures, pouch designs and closures.

Premium quality

Our experienced production team and product experts combine their knowledge with our state-of-the-art lab to ensure all our products meet the highest quality, both in presentation and performance.

Fully recyclable

When you choose our pouches made with REDcycle compliant structures or monolayer structures, the end-of-life benefits are significant in reducing plastic waste. REDCycle approved, consumers simply drop the pouch into the REDCycle containers on their next shopping trip.

Did you know
Incorporating the Australian Recycling Labels (ARL) into the packaging design works to keep recyclables out of landfill and reduce contamination of recyclable waste by providing clear disposal instructions for consumers.

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