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Typical flexible applications have been Vertical Form Fill Seal or premade side gusseted pouches particularly in the Coffee segment but recent developments have seen Standup pouches play an increasing role especially for the resealable aspect but now this feature can be applied to side gusseted pouches as well.

Whole coffee bean packs require a valve to vent the build up of CO2 and only top quality vents are applied to our bags.


Rewind is a very economical means of packaging a product as the machine makes the pack, delivers the product into the pack and then seals it.

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Box Pouches
Coffee & Tea - Box Pouch

This exciting concept exhibits all the benefits of the standup pouch but is more vertically stable as the base has a much larger surface footprint.

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Side Gusseted Pouches
Side Gusseted - Hot Beverages

This format is a step in the “unitised” direction ie trying to make a pack more cubic.

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Stand-up Pouches
Coffee & Tea - Stand-Up Pouch

Stand-up pouches have effectively replaced the can or the glass jar, and have revolutionised retailing of many products.

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