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Historically this sector has paid scant regard to barrier requirement but as food ingredients have become more sophisticated, the need to protect colour and flavour profiles has become more important. From 25kg sacks, to VFFS rewind through to shelf ready standup or block bottom pouches, we a solution for all levels.

Box Pouches

This exciting concept exhibits all the benefits of the standup pouch but is more vertically stable as the base has a much larger surface footprint.

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Side Gusseted Pouches

This format is a step in the “unitised” direction ie trying to make a pack more cubic.

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Vacuum Pouches

By far the least capital expensive means of extending shelf life in food.

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Stand-up Pouches
Food Ingredients - Stand-Up Pouch

Stand-up pouches have effectively replaced the can or the glass jar, and have revolutionised retailing of many products.

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