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Working with a number of progressive clients who have a focus on health and sustainability, we have replaced traditional cereals and dry goods packaging with options that are better for production and better for the planet.

Box Pouches

Similar to the stand-up pouch, the box pouch adds another dimension to your shelf-life packaging. The base of this pouch has a much larger surface area which provides a more vertically stable product on the shelf.

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One of the most versatile packaging options, this economical process is ideal for bulk packaging and allows the pack to be made, filled and sealed on the machine.

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Stand-up Pouches

Stand up pouches are a light-weight and durable replacement for cans and glass jars, providing a revolutionary packaging solution for many applications. This flexible packaging offers many advantages, allowing product visibility, better health and safety in handling, reducing transport and storage costs as well as improving production line costs.

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