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Sachets with skin or hair care products inside are common Personal Care applications while spouted pouches provide a viable option to tubes. Recloseable pouches with a window often provide a suitable vehicle the presentation of hairdressing or clothing accessories where they can be hung up on a “hang sell”.

Box Bottom
Cereal - Box Pouch

This exciting concept exhibits all the benefits of the standup pouch but is more vertically stable as the base has a much larger surface footprint.

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Cereal - Rewind Film

Rewind is a very economical means of packaging a product as the machine makes the pack, delivers the product into the pack and then seals it.

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Side Gusseted Pouches
Cereal - Side Gusseted

This format is a step in the “unitised” direction ie trying to make a pack more cubic.

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Stand-up Pouches
Cereal - Stand-Up Pouch

Stand-up pouches have effectively replaced the can or the glass jar, and have revolutionised retailing of many products.

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