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Bespoke packaging for the food sector

For almost 30 years Caspak has been at the forefront of developing food packaging to maximise quality and increase shelf-life for customers in 14 different markets. With our eyes firmly on the future and the green revolution, we are now proud to launch our exclusive line of  sustainable products to complement our conventional solutions.

About Caspak


As a leader in stand-up pouches, retort pouches for bone-in applications and windows in metallic films, we are leading the way in sustainable innovation.


We’re more than just a packaging company. Our team provides expert advice to ensure you get the right solution in the most cost-effective, sustainable way.

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14 Markets

Quality Assurance

Our new laboratory facilities and collaborative processes ensure that we always meet your quality needs on time and on budget for complete peace of mind.

Made in Australia


We have developed the Casguard range of films and bone-in bags to reduce the risk of puncture and prevent food wastage.

Casguard Solutions
Quality Assurance

Food Safety HACCP-9000

Caspak’s new laboratory streamlines the testing process – seal strength, colour match, positioning of features and many more. But above all, we ensure that your product slots into your production line without a hitch.

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Going Green


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Caspak. We use rainwater storage tanks for amenities and irrigation alongside a 99kw solar power station that puts more energy back into the grid than we use, and a fleet of electric vehicles powered by the sun.

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