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In May 2014 Caspak acquired the only Australian manufacturer of Boneguard producing both Clear and Waxed Boneguard now branded as the Casguard range.

Bone puncture is a common problem for the meat industry and this can be in retail or business to business applications. Our clear Casguard film is often preferred by retail customers as product visibility is paramount. Waxed Casguard is typically used where cuts are being moved from source to another company that is value adding and appearance is not so critical.

Being the only Australian manufacturer of Boneguard products, we can manufacture to order supplying exactly the specification that the customer needs rather than them having to accept overseas standards and the associated long lead times.

  • Clear puncture resistant film
  • Waxed puncture resistant cloth
  • Perforated on rolls
  • Cut sheets
  • Vacuum packers