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The advent of the standup pouch has revolutionised this market in that irrespective of whether the product is cold filled, hot filled, post pack pasteurised or retorted, it can still be visible to the consumer unlike the can. The addition of a recloseable spout to the standup pouch has been an exciting development. For H & R and business to business applications, either VFFS, bag in box or Vacuum Pouches are widely used. Often the cook chill technique is employed to achieve the required shelf life.

Vacuum Pouches

By far the least capital expensive means of extending shelf life in food.

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Rewind is a very economical means of packaging a product as the machine makes the pack, delivers the product into the pack and then seals it.

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Stand-up Pouches

Stand-up pouches have effectively replaced the can or the glass jar, and have revolutionised retailing of many products.

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Retort Pouches
Soups & Sauces - Retort Pouch

Retorting in flexible packaging is where the food is vacuum packaged first, then heated to in excess of 120 Deg C in a retort chamber to create a shelf stable product.

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