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Thermoforming of smallgoods packs was been widespread for some time. Be the packs a standard bacon type vacuum pack or a semi-rigid shaved ham gas flushed pack, thermoforming offers a very efficient and economical option. For bulk H & R catering packs, we supply high barrier MAP carton liners for this purpose. The lower scale of manufacturer we stock a range of gold or black backgound pouches which set the product off superbly. We can supply 10 colour gravure vacuum pouches with recloseable zips or very cost effective surface printed pouches as well.

Smallgoods - Shrink

Shrink is applied over or around the intended item, often by automated equipment. It is then heated through a shrink tunnel or oven for shrinking.

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Lidding Films

Lidding films are a showcase for contents, as such is often transparent or semitransparent with various colours.

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Vacuum Pouches

By far the least capital expensive means of extending shelf life in food.

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Smallgoods - Boneguard

Caspak offers 3 solutions for Bone Puncture – Clear puncture resistant film, waxed cloth and high abuse puncture resistant bags.

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Smallgoods - Plastogold

MAP (also known as “Gas Flushing”) seeks to change the makeup of the air inside the pack that also inhibits bug growth.

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Thermoforming Films
Smallgoods - Thermoforming Film

Prevalent across a wide range of industries, thermoforming is effectively another version of horizontal “form, fill and seal”.

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