Skin Films

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Product information

Skin Films are used in packaging where a product (or products) is placed on a piece of paperboard or preformed trays, and a thin sheet of transparent Skin Film is placed over the product and paperboard or trays. The plastic film is softened by heat and draped over the product on the card or tray. Vacuum is sometimes used to assist a firm fit. The film bonds to the heat-seal coating.

Skin packaging somewhat resembles a blister pack, with the major difference being that the plastic surrounding the product is formed over the product, instead of being pre-formed.

  • 10 colour gravure print
  • Matt/Gloss print options
  • High barrier to 2cc/m2/24hr
  • High Puncture options
  • Antifog
  • Chamber Vacuum Packer with Gas Option
  • MAP machine – Snorkel type
  • Thermoformer