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Fresh pasta is often see in semi rigid thermoformed trays with a printed top web, but on a smaller scale, works equally well in a printed vacuum or standup pouch, gas flushed.

Chilled retail ready pasta sauces present exceptionally in standup pouches whereas VFFS catering packs are an economical means getting to market.

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Retort Pouches
Pasta - Retort

Retorting in flexible packaging is where the food is vacuum packaged first, then heated to in excess of 120 Deg C in a retort chamber to create a shelf stable product.

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Pasta - Rewind

Rewind is a very economical means of packaging a product as the machine makes the pack, delivers the product into the pack and then seals it.

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Spouted Pouches
Pasta - Spouted Pouches

The addition of a spout to a flexible pouch format solves any dispensability or recloseability issues.

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Stand-Up Pouches
Pasta - Stand-Up Pouches

Stand-up pouches have effectively replaced the can or the glass jar, and have revolutionised retailing of many products.

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Thermoforming Films
Pasta - Thermoforming Films

Prevalent across a wide range of industries, thermoforming is effectively another version of horizontal “form, fill and seal”.

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Vacuum Pouches
Pasta - Vacuum Pouches

By far the least capital expensive means of extending shelf life in food.

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