Caspak featured in the ‘Kingston Business Bulletin’

By February 10, 2013July 27th, 2017News

Caspak is proud to feature in May’s edition of the ‘Kingston Business Bulletin’, who have written a news article focusing on the Caspak sustainability programme. The following is an extract from the full article.


Caspak Products is located in Braeside and distributes innovative and increasingly environmentally responsible packaging solutions. The company was founded in 1994 by Bryce Hickmott to meet a growing need for vacuum packaging in the fresh food market. With a business degree, financial analysis experience, a rural upbringing and 20 years exposure to the packaging industry, he brings a holistic approach to the way Caspak operates.

As Managing Director, Bryce says his company prides itself on its exceptional customer service, speed to market, getting it right first time, small initial production runs, and honoring commitments. Armed with these guiding principles, Caspak has flourished and has a reputation in the market for quality and integrity.

Caspak has modelled its business around innovation and the move to energy self sufficiency using Solar Power is a logic extension of that model. In February this year they installed a 22kw Solar Power system through a Lyndhurst company, Metro Solar. Not only can they monitor the power production from their solar panels but also monitor their power consumption through a smart device called “powertracker”.

Bryce made this decision “to be a leader and show other companies the way in terms of carbon neutrality and not just paying lip service to the notion. This demonstrates to our current and potential customer base that we are walking the walk in terms of energy self sufficiency which they in turn can leverage off. Our goal is eventual carbon neutrality and this installation is huge step in this direction”.

Although there is an economic imperative, Bryce also has a personal belief that within his company’s economic means, they should strive to be as energy and water self sufficient as possible. To this end, Caspak has installed a 26,000 litre rain water tank which supplies all the waste water needs for their Braeside operation.

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